+75 Years
of expertise


Founded more than 75 years ago and subsidiary of the Mutandis group since 2010, LGMC is one of the major players in the fish canning industry in Morocco.

LGMC develops, produces and markets canned sardines and mackerel, under its own brands and private labels, in more than 40 countries.

Over the years, LGMC has been able to establish itself through its expertise, which extends from fishing to processing and export, and is now considered as one of the most dynamic companies in its sector.

On the strength of this track record and its cutting-edge industrial expertise, LGMC is embarking on a new page in its history, based on three strategic axes: consolidating its own brand position within their historical markets, focusing its production towards high-value markets and extending its range to new innovative products, while strengthening its agility and competitiveness in the service of its international partners.


Key figures


Of cans produced per year


Of fish processed annually

4 canning factories

+1 sorting and freezing unit


Direct and indirect jobs generated



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