Our values


1. Production Process

LGMC's innovation strategy in canned sardine production leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize each manufacturing step. Advanced automation significantly enhances production speed while ensuring consistent quality. State-of-the-art weight sorting machines deliver heightened precision in weight control, minimizing discrepancies and material losses. The adoption of X-ray detection machines marks significant progress in identifying foreign objects, bolstering food safety. These technologies are regularly updated to keep us at the forefront.

2. Packaging

LGMC's packaging innovation aims to meet specific customer demands for sustainability, protection, and product presentation. The selection of materials, including the type of metal and protective coatings, is critical to ensure product integrity and longevity. We collaborate closely with packaging manufacturers to explore eco-friendly and innovative solutions, such as using recycled or biodegradable materials, while maintaining the robustness and aesthetics of our product packaging.

3. Quality

LGMC's commitment to quality is demonstrated through rigorous processes and a continuous quest for improvement and innovation. We not only meet but often exceed quality standards by adopting the latest practices and technologies in quality control. Continuous training of our teams and the implementation of quality management systems allow us to quickly adapt to new international regulations and anticipate consumer expectations. By regularly questioning and optimizing our processes, LGMC innovates to maintain a quality level that strengthens consumer trust.


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