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LGMC's star fish since 1946, the sardine is selected and meticulously worked by hand in our canneries in Safi and Agadir. This artisanal knowledge allows us to preserve its delicate flesh, particularly rich in Calcium, Omega-3 and vitamins.

To adapt to your desires and invite the can of sardines in your daily life, our teams are constantly innovating:

  • For lovers of this fish with infinite benefits, discover our whole sardines available in several recipes: with vegetable oil, spicy, lemon or tomato sauce.
  • To combine health, taste and convenience, discover our skinless & boneless sardine fillets, ready to be eaten by adults and especially children!
Did you know it ?

The sardine is a pelagic fish (living in waters close to the surface) with a silvery belly and a bluish back. Its particularity lies in its collective way of life: it never moves alone but "in shoal", forming, with hundreds of millions of other acolytes, an immense rhythmic ballet.


Nutritionally similar to sardine, mackerel is the most generous fish in iodine and represents today our second source of income.

Fished along the Atlantic coast, our mackerels are meticulously selected and treated to offer you the best taste experience.

From the most classic seasonings (natural or with sunflower, olive or soybean oils) to the most sought-after combinations (with escabeche sauce, tomato hollandaise or flavoured herbs), enjoy our mackerel whole or in fillets.

Did you know it ?

Mackerel, also known as "the tiger of the sea", is a silvery fish with black stripes, a white belly and a blue-green back. It is elongated and measures 20 to 40 centimeters in length, weighing between 200 and 700g.


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