Our values


Offering the best of the sea means committing to flawless quality on a daily basis, throughout the production process. A quality that is now recognized by numerous international certifications:






  • IFS certification linked to product/service conformity to specification agreed with customers.
  • BRCGS certification, linked to health security, risks of fraud, malicious and sabotage acts.
  • KOSHER certification, linked to conformity to Jewish food rules.
  • FRIEND OF THE SEA certification, linked to sustainable fishing practices.
  • FDA registration, linked to effectiveness of manufacturers' quality management systems.
  • ASDA certification: a complementary module to international BRCGS certification, for food safety.
  • CCPB certification, linked to food products from organic production.
  • Successful completion of the food safety audit conducted by Costco Wholesale Corporation.
  • CFCO certification, guaranteeing the strictest compliance with gluten-free standards.
  • HALAL certification, linked to conformity to Muslim food rules.


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