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LGMC achieves almost all of its sales internationally, exporting its production mainly to Africa, Europe and North America.

Its main customers are the big names in the distribution sector worldwide, including ALDI, LIDL, ASDA, KAUFLAND, REWE, INTERMARCHE, SEASON and COSTCO. LGMC is also a partner of several consumer brands such as SAUPIQUET and SEASON.

Built on the foundation of proximity and trust, its partnerships are long-lasting thanks to:

  • Compliance with the best international quality standards.
  • A production capacity associated with a high level of service, allowing us to respond with agility to our customers' requirements.
  • An infrastructure and tools that evolve and modernize with time, to best meet the new international requirements.
Did you know it ?

FAO 034 is the area off the west coast of Africa, which extends from the Strait of Gibraltar to the mouth of the Zaire River. It covers an area of more than 14 million kilometers and mixes temperate, tropical and equatorial waters with lagoons and mangroves. Its fauna is formed by about 200 different species. It is in this area that we catch our flagship fish: sardines and mackerel.

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