Our values


1. Environment

LGMC is deeply committed to ecological practices, incorporating environmental respect throughout all production stages. The use of recyclable materials is systematized, especially in packaging, designed to be both durable and eco-friendly. We also optimize our energy consumption (water, electricity, fuel) by investing in modern, less polluting technologies. Regular audits are conducted to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, aiming for continuous reduction through initiatives like improving industrial processes to decrease harmful emissions.

2. Co-products

LGMC turns challenges into opportunities by adopting a policy of valorizing the by-products from sardine production. The establishment of our new plant in Dakhla is a prominent example of this strategy. This facility will convert production residues into high-value products such as hydrolysates, used in agriculture, cosmetics, and animal feed. This project significantly reduces waste volume, generates new revenue, and promotes a circular economy.

3. Workforce

LGMC's social commitment to Safi, its historic site, is profound and multi-dimensional. We prioritize local employment, thus fostering the region's economic development. Training programs are implemented to enhance worker skills, accompanied by regular community support initiatives. Continuous social dialogue aims to improve working conditions through measures like infrastructure improvements, wage increases, and the implementation of better safety standards.


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